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Why W&K for the Business Owner?

What are the reasons any business hires an agent or broker?  Let’s list a few:

  • Truly is an Advisor (a Prime Resource – High Level Expertise)
  • Unique Services
  • Ability to make Premiums Cost Effective
  • Gets Results the Client Wants

How many of these characteristics are you “enjoying” today?  Most of our new clients tell us they receive a couple, but usually no more from their agent or broker.  W&K is committed to providing all 4 of these to, and for, our clients.  Because those 4 things are delivered consistently, long relationships abound with our clients! Looking at each area, how does W&K accomplish each one?

As the Advisor

In every area a business has exposure; W&K does a comprehensive analysis –not just at the outset, but at least annually.  Recommendations are made using traditional insurance areas, but in many other non-insurance ways as well to assess & treat risk.  Creative solutions are what most businesses seek and need, but rarely receive.

Unique Services

Just by being in business, most companies are exposed to fines and even costly litigation that in most instances are uninsurable.  Examples of this include complying with federal laws like COBRA, the Immigration Reform and Control Act (I-9’s), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) , the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA),  Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC), and Section 125.  In addition to being trained to comply with these federal laws, W&K personnel are also trained to review and even create an employee manual, to perform a detailed worker compensation evaluation to include checking an experience modification factor for accuracy, a detailed claims review, and qualification for the Drugs Don’t Work program.  These and many other services are provided to clients as a part of our service package.

Cost Effective Premiums

This is the most common thing businesses look to achieve.  W&K is just as superior in this area as the others that were covered above.  Representing one of the largest arrays of insurance companies in GA allows us to obtain better pricing as well as more creative products.  W&K virtually always has a cost-effective company market that can tailor specifically to what each insured needs!

Getting Results

Isn't this what it is all about in your business too?  If you look at the criteria above, we’d ask if you are measuring everything you expect to have accomplished for you from a risk management standpoint as well as it being cost effective? We are so sure you will find our approach more refreshing, we are willing to earn your business by providing services you need in advance, without obligation before you hire us.  Then, make a comparison after you've enjoyed the benefit of those advisory, unique services.  We know you will make the right choice & an informed choice too!

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Our Providers


With Watson and Knox, we have found someone who actually cares and works hard for the customer and their needs.
Bryan B Kirkland, Edwards Paint and Body Works LLC
Thanks so much for all the time, patience and hard work you put in to get our insurance. I feel very confident we made the right decision going with Watson & Knox with ALL our insurance needs.
Lynn Pulliam
The commitment and professionalism provided by Angela was above anything I had anticipated.
David Knox
My wife and I have been customers of Watson and Knox for about five years. We have been very pleased with the service and product knowledge provided by everyone with the company. I have always felt like part of a family with them because they go above and beyond to make sure you understand everything about their products. And if they don’t know something they will tell you they don’t know and they always find the answer. I have been so impressed with the service I always recommend them to friends and family.
Jason Cranford
When I receive premium payment notices, I call Angela Hammond to check the policies to be sure I have what I need and the premiums are the best for me. I am very appreciative of this relationship.
Mary Etna Dudley
Nick has dealt with Mrs. Angela Hammond through Watson and Knox since he was old enough to need car insurance. When we married in 2002, I switched my vehicles to coverage from Watson and Knox, because of Mrs. Angela. She is extremely helpful, always willing to find more information if any questions arise, and she responds quickly. We trust her along with the other agents at Watson and Knox and feel that we have established a life long relationship with her.
Courtney Hayes
I have been extremely satisfied with the services provided by Watson and Knox. I felt very confident with their research and knowledge of the insurance industry. They were able to provide the insurance my company needs at a much more affordable rate. I am proud to be working with a local business.
Amy Stewart - Lake Crossing Health Care
Watson & Knox has and continues to provide Pulliam Lumber Co., Inc. with great satisfaction info needed on any insurance needs and is met at an above timely manner. Our agent, B.L. Johnson, goes above and beyond helping us with insurance needs. Watson & Knox needs to continue their great client/customer service.
Lynn Pulliam - Pulliam Lumber Company
Have been very helpful in all of our dealings. Thanks.
Sammy Luckey - A J Miller Masonic Lodge
Great service, friendly folks, and above and beyond to help.
Karen Shields - Second Baptist Church
I have compared some other insurance policies and have always come back to Watson & Knox. The prices have always been better. I also have had some claims, and Connie was always very efficient to get them settled.
Louise Adams
Being a multi-faceted business, Workforce Capital is required to have exceptional insurance policies. The choice to do business with Watson and Knox is as easy as 1,2,3. Like our company, Watson and Knox is built on customer relations.
Michelle A.
As far as insurance goes, I've always said, "You never know what you've got until you need it". I just wanted you to know that my recent encounter with a deer (the encounter cost me $6,000) could not have been any better handled. My little beloved car is a one of a kind, and it would not have been a surprise to me if, after the accident, an insurance company considered my car ‘totaled.’ However, Encompass, instead of sending me all over the place in order to find estimates, just suggested the best body shop in town. The body shop promptly picked up my car and fixed the car within a week; my little baby looked as good as or better than new! Encompass never argued the cost. Angela, over the many years that you’ve revised our policy, you’ve always helped me make the BEST decisions about coverage, and also you’ve never implied that you’re frustrated by our hobby of auto trading. Though our auto policy did not cover a car rental, YOU covered me with an umbrella, which got me a rental. When the whole affair was over and my car looked perfect and was running perfectly, - there was a bonus check! Wow! This check, which is a kind of check of which most people are unaware, was for deprecation and was sent to me unsolicited! OMG, what best practices for an insurance company! Thanks so much Angela, and thanks so much Encompass for having treated me like you care from the time you picked me up off of the side of the road to the moment that my car was finished. It feels like I never had an accident!
Susan Tyner Pritchett
"Watson and Knox has always gone above and beyond for our company. Whether it's regular business hours, after work, or weekends, they find a way to provide the answers and recommendations needed. The staff at Watson & Knox is full of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals, a huge advantage in today's world of constantly changing policies." Cully Poston Two State Construction project manager
Cully Poston