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Insurance in Thomson and Martinez, GA

Keeping our Nation’s Military covered from risk is a great honor we have here at Watson & Knox.


We know it can be difficult to pick up everything that you hold closest to you and move to a different duty station. When military members and their families are asked to PCS (Permanent Change of Station) or even deployments, we want to be here when you arrive to provide a helping hand. We know that our military members are busy and have many things to take into consideration when they are either relocating or deploying. So we take great pride in making this a smooth and easy process. We educate our service members about their rights as well.


We know how busy your life can be and will provide great care with our coverage. We will work with you to develop a policy that protects your Home, Auto, or any Recreational vehicles that you member might have.

Soldier and Family Reunion

Click here to find Ft. Gordon housing relocation information.

Why go with an independent Insurance Agent?

When arriving at a new duty station with your valuables in tow, it can be overwhelming. Our agents are ready to give you the best advice on the area because we live here! Most big Insurance companies don’t even know what your base looks like, but we do and we have been a part of this community for decades. When you need to file a claim we’re right down the street to help you find your way and to be sure you get what you deserve. Contact us and we can fill you in!


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