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“Always wonderful & quick service. The agents are very helpful and make sure that all the clients’ information is accurate and that the coverage / plans are the best for each client.”

-Tonya B.

“Have had no problems and would recommend Watson & Knox to anyone wanting great service and fair prices. The staff is wonderful to work with. An A+ company!”

-Allen M. Holbrook

“Very nice, and very friendly. I feel I got a very good rate.”

-Gladys U. Land

“Watson & Knox makes shopping for insurance easy. They shop around for their customers to make sure you get a competitive rate. My agent, Julie, has always gone the extra mile for my company. Our business requires specialty insurance that is normally not shopped, and she has always been willing to take the time necessary to find the right insurance and at the best value possible.”

-Kevin Burnley, Dependable Home Inspections

“Watson & Knox provide exemplary customer service. The staff are all very knowledgeable and will get you the best rates available. When our business needs immediate service, I can call or email Julie Cort and in no time it is done!”

-Connie Dozier, Dozier Heating & Air

“We switched to Watson & Knox a few years ago at the recommendation of a friend. Julie was able to consolidate all of my policies into one and save us a substantial amount of money.”

-Tamra Morris, Master’s Cleaning Team

“I am well pleased with the service I receive. From filing a claim to preparing certificates of insurance to insuring various scenarios, I have always received great service. Excellent!”

-Tony Burnley, Burnley’s Sewer & Drain

“I was referred to Watson & Knox by a Watson & Knox Commercial Rep. Melissa was my point of contact and has been a blessing to me and my husband from the very beginning. I cannot say enough about her and the company other than I recommend them to everyone that mentions a need for insurance. Thanks!”

-Ashleigh Christian

“All of the personnel at Watson & Knox excel at promptly responding to any questions. They provide excellent advice.”

-Barrett Smith

“Andy has always gone ‘above and beyond’ for anything we have needed. I highly recommend Watson & Knox for your insurance needs.”

-Connie Melear

“I was very pleased with the service I got from Watson and Knox. The auto quote I asked for was returned to me within the same day. With switching over to Watson and Knox, I am saving $125 a month. Also, with switching, my coverage is double what it was. I will continue to tell everyone I talk to about my experience with Watson and Knox and refer them to Watson and Knox. Thanks.”

-Rusty Washington

“Mellissa McCall, our agent, has been great assisting us with our move from another insurance agency to Watson & Knox. We were a bit anxious about the move since our insurance had been with the other agency for 25 years. She took care of everything and surprised us with a quote that was much less than what we had been paying. Within the last couple of weeks, she expertly handled a situation where the insurance company wanted to cancel insurance on a second home. The information she provided them convinced the company to continue the insurance without an increase in premium. We are very satisfied and happy with our switch to Watson & Knox.”

-Gregg & Kristi Reese

“I was extremely frustrated a few years ago while looking for a quality homeowner’s insurance policy that fit my needs and pocketbook. To no avail, I did not find what I was looking for. Then, I met with Melissa McCall from Watson & Knox. Outstanding agent, professional in every way. She made it easy for me to understand my choices and the eventual details of my chosen policy. The Best!”

-Judith Koenig

“I have been a long term customer of Watson & Knox due to the outstanding service I’ve received over the years. I am very pleased with the quality of service and the timelines in handling my claims. The cost for auto and homeowner’s insurance has always been comparable to other leading companies.”

-Pecola Wiley

“As far as insurance goes, I’ve always said, “You never know what you’ve got until you need it”. I just wanted you to know that my recent encounter with a deer (the encounter cost me $6,000) could not have been any better handled. My little beloved car is a one of a kind, and it would not have been a surprise to me if, after the accident, an insurance company considered my car ‘totaled.’ However, Encompass, instead of sending me all over the place in order to find estimates, just suggested the best body shop in town. The body shop promptly picked up my car and fixed the car within a week; my little baby looked as good as or better than new! Encompass never argued the cost. Angela, over the many years that you’ve revised our policy, you’ve always helped me make the BEST decisions about coverage, and also you’ve never implied that you’re frustrated by our hobby of auto trading. Though our auto policy did not cover a car rental, YOU covered me with an umbrella, which got me a rental. When the whole affair was over and my car looked perfect and was running perfectly, – there was a bonus check! Wow! This check, which is a kind of check of which most people are unaware, was for deprecation and was sent to me unsolicited! OMG, what best practices for an insurance company! Thanks so much Angela, and thanks so much Encompass for having treated me like you care from the time you picked me up off of the side of the road to the moment that my car was finished. It feels like I never had an accident!”

-Susan Tyner Pritchett

“Watson and Knox has always gone above and beyond for our company. Whether it’s regular business hours, after work, or weekends, they find a way to provide the answers and recommendations needed. The staff at Watson & Knox is full of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals, a huge advantage in today’s world of constantly changing policies.”

-Cully Poston, Two State Construction project manager

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