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Keeping individuals and businesses protected throughout Augusta

For over 80 years, Watson and Knox, Inc. has been creating tailored home and auto coverage for customers in Augusta, GA and surrounding areas. We have established relationships with some of the nation’s top carriers that allow us to provide quality products and shop around for competitive rates that meet the needs of our clients.


Why Augusta?

The city of Augusta, GA is growing and thriving with families, young professionals, and businesses. We are proud to be able to service Augusta by keeping individuals and their business protected, while establishing and growing relationships.


The customers we serve live and work in Augusta and we have been working with them for decades. With Fort Gordan being located in Augusta, we also provide home and auto to military families stationed here.


Local Agents Working for You

We are a local agency which means we are accessible to our customers when they need us. Our agents are community advocates for the city of Augusta and are involved in the special events that happen here like The Masters Golf Tournament.


If you’re looking to work with an agency who understands what it takes to provide the security you deserve, contact us today. To get started on any policy, request a proposal.

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