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What are you used to? A Price Check: People buying insurance usually want the best price they can obtain, and you are probably no exception. Typically, people “shop” for better rates, but are all agents and insurance companies the same? Is there More? Does your agent or broker answer these for you:


  • Are you obtaining all the credits & discounts for your teen driver(s) you are entitled to? How would you know?

  • Is the amount of insurance you carry on your home sufficient to cover you for a very severe claim? Is the amount too high, too low, or just right?

  • If you have a business interest, have you been counseled on how your personal pursuits can create corporate liability/risk?

  • Do you benefit from frequent agent risk surveys to keep your coverage up to date…as things change (inheritances, collectibles, purchases, etc.)?


Could there be more to this role of agent/broker than just doing a Price Check for you?


The Real Difference – Here’s just 3 of the Components to our “Service” & Role as your Insurance Advisor:


  • You get the Price Check – W&K is better than most because a comparison will be done with 9-10 insurance companies. (Coincidentally, State Farm, can only do this with their 1 company!)

  • A Diagnostic Risk Survey is Done – We will endeavor to identify your exposures (known & unknown) both at the time you become a customer and about every 2 years thereafter. W&K is used to protecting customers who have lots of assets!!

  • Key Components are Researched – A Home Replacement Estimator is done to answer the question of how much coverage you need & should have. Teen Driver credits and discounts are researched for you fully as well.

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